Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Optimized FXG graphics in Adobe Illustrator

In one of our previous posts we've spoke about possibility of creation vector assets and generation textures with right size for specific device on the fly during application loading. As a result we can achieve the same good quality on all devices and extremely smal size of application.
Key point of this approach is that all vector assets should be in FXG format. But I'd like to say that it is not so easy to create vector graphics with good quality in Adobe Illustrator and export it in pure FXG format without side bitmaps.

Starling vector textures - Part 2

In my previous post I wrote about possibility of creating vector textures for games powered by Starling and Adobe AIR. Now let's take a look how we can approach this. First of all you need to create set of vector FXG files that will be used as a source for textures. You can do it for example in Adobe Illustrator. To build game project we will use Flash Builder 4.7 - you need to create new Action Script Mobile Project and integrate Starling library. To compile FXG files you need some classes from Flex SDK just copy packages spark.filtersmx.filtersmx.graphics.shaderClasses and also create SpriteVisualElement class extended from Sprite with two additional properties viewWidth and viewHeight. This class should be placed in spark.core package.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Step into Mobile Gaming with Google Plus community

Good news! Our team created Google Plus community - Mobile Gaming with Adobe AIR and Starling. This is step into Mobile Gaming community with Adobe AIR and Starling framework. Feel free to share your experience and knowledge. Be part of our community, be part of mobile gaming world!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Popular directions in mobile gaming

Great and creative idea is big part of successful game. Today on the market we may see tons of different mobile games. But we also may see that majority of these games designed using pretty similar ideas. In other words there is no need to design something new and innovative. You may 'borrow' existing popular idea and adapt it to your own game.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Starling vector textures

If you have ever tried to create mobile applications you may faced with a problem of choosing the right size of bitmap textures. In our world there are tones of devices with different screen resolutions even screen aspect ratios, for developer it could be cause of nightmare. Starling documentation has a good post called Multi-Resolution Development wich shows how to manage textures using contentScaleFactor but the problem with quality of texture images remains. Many developers just create two different bunch of textures one for low resolution mobile devices and another one for high resolution tablets called "HD". In this case you will lose with size of application because you need to pack two bunch of textures, of course you can create two applications but even in this case problem with texture quality is not completely resolved.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Toys game released

Santa in a hurry losing gifts on his way, catch them, and collect your Xmas Toy!

Tap the boxes to catch candies, lollipops and gingerbreads. Collect Christmas Toys from puzzles. Use TNT to break metal boxes. Try to catch mystery energy ball. Candies will help you to unlock new levels in this addictively fun game.

Play our game and feel real Christmas spirit!
Game was powered by Adobe AIR and Firefly SDK.